Precision Health presents:

Holistic Practice Management Sessions

Seminars and training designed to unlock the mysteries of a successful practice.

Are you ready to discover the most powerful tools for practice success?

Tap into over 18 years of experience supporting practitioners from all modalities and walk away with simple and effective tools that you can apply instantly!

Learn to:
Do more with less
Grow your practice naturally
Create a business plan that works
Leverage patient objections
Utilise goals more efficiently

Discover how to:
Have grace under pressure
Eliminate practitioner burnout
Build credibility in your community
Engage more effectively via empathy
Overcome common practice pitfalls

Helping you create a healthier practice!

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Curriculum Information

Holistic Practice Management – Foundation Course

Module 1

In this lecture we shed light on the specific areas that can make or break a practice.

Holistic Practice Management and our industry
Role of the holistic practice owner
Effective business planning
Leveraging goals for growth
Characteristics of successful people
Identify components of a successful practice
Identify pitfalls of practices
How patient compliance can make or break your practice
Guiding your patients to success
Natural pharmacy best practices
The Patient Flow: Overview from start to finish
How to avoid practitioner burnout
Your most powerful tool for success

Module 2

This advanced, hands-on module helps you build strength and confidence in the patient guiding process.  It combines lectures and workshop sessions.

Taking empathy to the next level
Engaging with patient response
Holistic approach to patient objections 
Becoming a fire starter not a burnout
Five laws of stratospheric success
Patient questions that must be answered

Join us to discover key holistic practice management tools and learn to become more effective in guiding your patients through their health journeys.

This seminar will give you valuable starting points to instantly
refine your business and provide a road map to achieve
your dream practice!

Please contact us with any questions and we look forward to seeing you there!
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