Why do some practices thrive while others struggle to stay in business?


Do you think this happens because one practice cares more about their patients than another practice? That’s not been our experience. In fact, every health professional we have encountered has the deep desire to help people, as I’m sure you do! So why do so many practices struggle to stay in business?

One common thread we have seen in the health industry is that it’s very good at teaching practitioners a modality but falls short at preparing them to run a business. In fact, 95% of the practitioners we have spoken with tell us they received very little, if any, business development education during their training. It should seem obvious then that many healthcare business fall into the common 12-18 month closure time

Whether you are a single practitioner or run a multidisciplinary practice, the way you manage your business will dictate how successful you are at making a significant difference in your patient’s lives. Over the years we have assisted the development of many practices, whether a start-up or an established business. Together, we look at your practice analysing where it is now and discussing where you would like it to be. Then we create practical step by step tools to assist you in meeting your vision.

We offer an initial consultation to discover how we can best support you and are dedicated to finding the right balance of holistic health and holistic business for your practice. We look forward to speaking with you.


It occurred to me the other day how much my business has grown since we started the telephone support sessions and I wanted to thank you.

We have had countless structured phone conversations at how to be able to grow my business and I have seen it grow from just being me, to a staff of 5 and 10 renting Practitioners, in the last 12 years.

This short note just isn’t enough to be able to ‘voice’ the gratitude that I feel towards you… I hope that others will realise the benefits of working within a strong support network, I know first hand the benefits it has brought to my clients and my business.

Thank you!!

Gabi Heyes
Natural Practices Clinic

I have been using the Energetix products for many years and was surprised when I made my first phone call to order some that I was asked by Damian about my business. What business was it of his to know how many patients I treat a week, I just wanted the products?

As the weeks and years went by I realised how important it was for him to understand my business and we have had regular monthly conversations on the telephone discussing the products, so that I understand better how I can help my patients.

Damian started asking me what my plans were for the future of my clinic and suggested that we go through a business plan to help me to build the patient numbers, which greatly helped me to focus on certain aspects. More recently we have been looking at working less but keeping the same income, and Damian has been amazing at helping me realise that it is quite possible.

Thank you Damian for all your expertise and help, you have been wonderful!

A. Wyndham
The Wyndham Centre

Having started as an individual practitioner, I am now heading towards the end of my third year trading as The Therapy Network. It has occurred to me that you were there at the start when I moved into the current premises, and that you have shared the journey with me through branding, and my networking with other practitioners. Support from you has been a key element in progress!

Thank you for helping me to hold – and indeed expand – the vision of both my practice and my business!

I am convinced that practice management is an extremely worthwhile investment in any business.

Sue Pash
The Therapy Network