Precision Health Natural Product Line

Precision Health is dedicated to creating a healthier world. Within this mission is the desire and commitment to provide health professionals with the highest quality natural products. When exploring the best ways to do this, we recognised that the spagyric processing method not only allows us to amplify our vision but also introduces more professionals to the importance of this remarkable technique!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new group of spagyrically processed natural products into our line. Using advanced methods and the purest ingredients nature has to provide, our product line now includes spagyric botanical and nutritional remedies. They are perfect for professional healthcare providers who are ready to enhance their own offering to their patients.

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Spagyrically Processed Products

Spagyric means to separate and reunite. During the holistic forty-day process the plant substance is separated into its constituent parts, purified and brought back together. This superior approach to manufacturing allows for an amplified end product that is far more bioavailable and purer than the original substance.

This form of processing is usually found in liquid botanical products but we have been able to integrate it into most of our nutritional products as well. This allows them to be synergistically amplified using the spagyric process as well – creating a truly holistic product line. Another benefit of our advanced processing method is that each product is highly optimised, so practitioners often say they need less of a product to see results!

We are committed to setting the standards in our industry, which is why we have chosen this comprehensive and poignant process for the Precision Health product line.

Phyto-energetic Remedies

When considering how the spagyric processing method impacts the efficacy of a product, it is important to remember a few things. From start to finish of the processing of each element in the Precision Health line, there is specific care in honouring the cycles within the natural world. The lunar phases, the sun’s energy and healing frequencies are incorporated in every aspect. Complementing this with using the whole-plant approach allows us to take full advantage of not only the individual plant constituents but their energetic aspects as well.

This natural combination approach, or phyto-energetics, allows for the creation of products that are greater than the sum of their original parts and align with the way the body heals.

A Practitioner Only Line

All products provided by Precision Health are sold to licensed health professionals only. If you would like to learn more or open a professional account, please call 0844 800 0018 or get in touch via our contact page. We look forward to creating a healthier world with you!


We are also proud to represent the Energetix line in the UK as the sole distributor of a wide range of their remedies.

Energetix understands that the creation of quality products requires innovative formulations, pure raw materials and clean processing methods. The dedication Energetix has to the health industry worldwide is a great complement to our vision, as are their products. Since bringing the range into the UK, licensed health practitioners have benefited greatly from the synergistic options available. The Precision Health team have been working with the Energetix products since 2003, so our extensive knowledge and experience can assist you when incorporating the line into your practice.

There are three different categories of natural remedies to explore, all of which can be utilised together and with the Precision Health line to form functional strategies for patients – please get in touch to find out more!

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